Mission in Brief

The mission of Therapeutic Living Centers for the Blind is to provide for the lifetime needs of individuals with multiple-disabilities and blindness. TLC believes in the value of each individual and promotes the philosophy that each participant can be assisted to achieve his or her full potential.

How we Help

TLC was founded in 1975 by a group of parents whose children faced the prospect of a lifetime in large, isolating and often uncaring institutions. By personally signing the note on a converted nursing facility in Pasadena, they opened California's first residence specially for adults with multiple disabilities and blindness who cannot live independently. 

Over the years, TLC expanded to a residential program of twelve homes for over 80 residents throughout the San Fernando Valley.  Services were added to address emerging needs, such as additional Day Programs, Children's and Adult's After School Programs, Early Intervention and Inclusive Preschool Programs.  Consultants and employees include professionals in the fields of physical therapy, speech and language therapy, orientation and mobility therapy, occupational therapy, child development and nursing services for the intermediate care facilities that comprise our 12 homes. Community outreach services include vision screenings, crisis intervention and consultation, and family support groups.

Referrals to TLC's programs are made by regional center case managers, teachers, social service agencies, family members and any other concerned individual who has received consent to refer.  We encourage family members to visit TLC in advance of the need for services. If TLC is not the right fit, our professional staff is ready to refer you to resources to find the one that is. 

Local Referral Agencies:

Our Leadership

Board of Directors

Zane Alsabery, President

President, Alchemy Communications

Joel Ravitz, Vice President

Chairman & CEO, Quincy Cass

April Meadow, Secretary

Director of Human Resources (retired) 

City of Beverly Hills

Hal Lampert

Certified Public Accountant

Lampert and Eskridge

Nick Nagatani

Attorney Supervisor (retired)

Children's Law Center of Los Angeles

Dr. Bill Takeshita, FAAO, FCOV

Director of Optometric Services

Center for the Partially Sighted

Ronnie Willett

Management Consultant

Kaiser Permanente

Dr. Maurice T. Zagha, MD

Family Practitioner

Board of Trustees

Hal Lampert

Certified Public Accountant

Lampert and Eskridge

April Meadow

Director of Human Services (retired)

City of Beverly Hills

Joan Schulman

Educator (retired)

Advisory Council

Louis Horwitz

Retired Technology Executive

Dennis Fredrickson


Jane R. Vogel

Educational Consultant & Advocate for the Blind

James Wood



David Siegel

Myra Siegel

Peggy Carr

John Goff, Jr., MD

Syd Kronenthal

Geoff Farrer, Sr.


Bernice Pearlman

Seymour Pearlman

Executive Director

Bonnie Schlachte


Management staff

Executive Director                        Bonnie Schlachte

Nursing Supervisor                       Jane Mandtanavonsin, RN

Day Programs Director                Karen Brown

Facilities Manager                        Rian McKinnon

Accounting Manager                    Enrique Silva